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Archive Monthly Archives: January 2017

Enter the Pit

the pit sweep

I have mentioned my affinity for the Flower Sweep before, and as a result I have discovered what I call the Pit. It is a position you get into after a failed Flower, that gives you more sweeps and submissions to attack from. It can also be entered from pretty much any open guard situation […]

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The Rolled Ankle Toe Hold

Everyone knows that feeling. You are running and have set a good pace. Your music is playing on your head phones and you are in the zone. All of the sudden… *SNAP, CRACKLE, POP* A misplaced stone, an unseen ditch, or just unlucky foot placement causes you to roll your ankle and now you are […]

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The Ugly Guillotine

This is probably the ugliest guillotine I have done in a match before. I’m embarrassed looking at it now, lol! Even though I won, there was a lot of things that I did wrong here. Watch the video below to get the play by play breakdown so you don’t repeat my mistakes. Also, make sure […]

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Details to get the Perfect Knee Bar

There are a lot of little details with the Knee Bar that many people miss out on. Each of these details makes a HUGE difference on the outcome, and to be a leg lock master you need to know each one of them. The Knee Bar is very similar to the Arm Bar. In fact, […]

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One Neat Trick To Finish Flower Sweeps

When it comes to closed guard sweeps, I am a big fan of the Flower Sweep. There are just so many things you can do from it that it makes it a strong attack series to begin with. Arm bars, triangle chokes, omo platas, leg locks, transition to the pit, and that is just getting […]

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