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Archive Monthly Archives: August 2016

There is a first time for everything…

Back in 2002, I was known by some in the grappling scene in south Florida as “the Black Belt Wrestler.” It was a term they used to say that I didn’t really know Jiu Jitsu. My brother and I weren’t ranked in BJJ at the time, and being Americans with a wrestling background (and keep […]

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Technique from UFC 201 – Hip Strike

In UFC 201, Freddy Serrano used an unusual technique in the second round of this fight against Ryan Benoit. Joe Rogan thought it was an illegal move, but the referee clarified that it was on camera. The Hip Smash or Hip Strike is a legit technique, and is something that I had been preaching to […]

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Old School NAGA Matches

Here is another blast from the past. Well actually there are two matches in this one video back to back. These are some videos I found buried on my computer from over a decade ago. Probably between 2000-2002, I can’t remember the exact dates. It was one of my first NAGA Pro divisions in Connecticut. […]

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