Never underestimate your opponent

This video is an example of why you don’t, “shoot them in the leg” or give a warning shot. The moment you approach someone with a weapon or murderous intent, especially when they are telling you to stand down, expect to be fired upon.

I read from another thread that this cop was a rookie, and this was his second officer shooting (talk about bad luck). That is probably why he was so hesitant and doing everything possible not to shoot. But honestly in my humble opinion, he waited too long and let this person get too close, who had a knife. Even after downing him once, he was still a threat and was able to close distance and grappler with another officer, taking his gun and making the rookie cop having to fire a dangerous round over his partner’s head.

Fortunately, it seems the police officers got away with no casualties, but it just goes to show you that is isn’t so easy to put someone down. Even after taking multiple rounds to the body. This poor guy was probably on all sorts of drugs and looking for a suicide by cop.

This is also why when people ask me about street fights, I have the same outlook. If someone comes up to me to fight, I’m not using taking it easy on them just because I think I have the upper hand with my martial arts experience. I’m going to use every tool in my arsenal to eliminate the threat.

It’s because I have that experience that I know anything can happen in a street fight. A weapon could be pulled out. A third person can jump in. I could trip on something, or get caught with a lucky strike.

Underestimating your opponent or the situation is the easiest way to get hurt. And getting hurt in a street fight can be fatal. Which is why I haven’t got into a fight outside of competition since middle school – which coincides with when I started training martial arts.

Once you learn about fighting and the consequences, you know that you don’t want to get into a fight unless you absolutely have to, or you are getting compensated for the risk and have safeguards in place.

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