Hook Chop Bridge

This is not the best name for this technique, but I can’t recall the original name, so this name is very descriptive of what happens. You first look to hook their near leg with your near leg, pulling it into your body. Be mindful that this can tweak your partner’s knee if their mobility is limited.

Second, you want to chop their other knee with your elbow, ideally collapsing their knees together. This works best when their weight is heavy on their chest instead of on their knees. You can also bait them to going heavy by first bridging away from them (while their leg is hooked), to get them to post on their arms and get heavy on their upper body.

Finally, we bridge into them with our free arm cross facing theirs. We will end up with a perfect reversal, ending up in the same exact position. So be mindful if them countering with the same exact technique as your leg will be hooked as well on landing on top.

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