Developing Lightning Fast Arm Drags

When I think of Arm Drags, I think of Marcello Garcia. He has shown time and time again that he can get to people’s backs in a hurry with a well timed arm drag.

The Arm Drag is a fairly simple technique:

  1. Outside circular hand motion to catch opponent’s wrist
  2. Cross hook opponent’s far tricep with free arm
  3. Deep shoulder row to pull opponent into you with hooking arm
  4. Big circular step to get behind as you control the far hip

There are many variations, but those are the key elements. Yet, knowing this doesn’t make you go any faster.

What does?

Drilling. In particular, reflex drilling.

The Arm Drag is best used as a counter movement towards an opponents reaching hand. I have a lot of ways setting this up, but my brother shows a great example in the video below:

Whenever your opponent posts on your shoulder, it is a great time to Arm Drag. This setup above shows the use of a Double Arm Drag, meaning that after the first drag is stopped, you immediately drag the second arm. Most people never see it coming, and it can score you an easy back take.

The key to getting speed to this is drilling your reflexes. Have your partner tap your shoulders. Every time you feel that tap on your shoulder, immediately arm drag him. You can practice this with your eyes closed too for bonus points. Do 50 reps (or however many you can handle) and then switch sides. You can then have your opponent simply reach forward (without touching you) and practice your visual reflex to arm drag as well.

Try it out, and let me know what you think!

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