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1 vs 1 vs 1?

Would you step into the cage with two other opponents in a free for all fight? Just when you thought MMA was challenging enough, someone has decided to raise the bar and introduce a twist with San Do – three opponent combat! I will be cornering Shah Bobonis, one of FFA’s rising stars, in a […]

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Get your Questions Answered On Video

Yes, you can get your MMA questions answered by me in my new segment that I will be adding to my website. Your video can be asking me about advice with a certain technique you are doing, analyzing what you could have done better in a match you filmed, or my opinion on a certain […]

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What Do You Want Covered In Next Webinar?

First off I had a blast with this past weekends webinar. It was cool to be able to share techniques with people from all over the world in places such as Australia, the UK and even China. We also had UFC fighters Tim Credeur and Alan Belcher in the house! After the webinar, the group […]

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Cherish the Small Victories

There is a lot to be happy about: I am alive, I have full use of my body, a roof over my head, a great network of friends and family, and a profession that I love. As simple as they may sound, these are amazing things that we all should be grateful for. These aren’t […]

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