Back Side Setup to Rear Naked Choke

After my ADCC run in 2007, I realized I needed to work on attacking the turtle position more effectively, as I had a hard time dealing with the turtle guard of Tarsis Humphries. The Kimura Trap System was developed shortly after, but I also developed what I call the Back Trap System.

The Back Trap System is a way of attacking the back without a traditional back mount with hooks. Why wouldn’t I want to use hooks? First, I wasn’t good at getting there. Second, when I did get there, I had a hard time keeping people there. Third, I didn’t want to risk getting reversed when they escaped.

With the Back Trap, you will be riding from top the entire time, which has many benefits. First, you do not commit. At any moment in time, I can back away to my feet. This is very different from a back mount with hooks. While it is a dominant position, it is also requires full commitment once engaged and does not allow you to back away easily as usually the opponent will end up on top. Second, by staying on top, you get to drop you weight on your opponent the entire time. Any time you get to use body weight against your opponent, you are winning the battle of attrition. Third, by being on top, you still maintain leverage to strike effectively, while you still can work a lot of submissions as well.

These are some of the main benefits, but lets get into the first position and finish, the back side control with the classic rear naked choke. Some people think that you cannot finish a rear naked choke without the hooks, which couldn’t be further from the truth. This back side control is a very versatile position, and easy to get to from a basic front headlock. The quick entry also allows for a quick catch of the choke.

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