Back Side Control Rear Naked Choke Follow Up Attacks: Short Choke, Neck Crank, Bull Dog Choke

It’s not always easy to sink in that rear naked choke. Sometimes as you are digging under their neck, you fall short of being able to clasp the shoulder. When you fall short, you go into a short choke, aka the Fedor choke.

The key here is to dig your other arm’s elbow into their back as if you were going to do preacher curls off their back. Your head also pushes behind their head to help create the choking collision of his neck and your forearm.

But even the short choke can fall short if they tuck their chin in. Then we just use the same short choke mechanics for a neck crank. This one is no fun for the partner, so practice caution when using this.

Finally, if this person was so tough that you couldn’t even turn their chin to get across their neck, we rake their chin the opposite way and go into a bull dog choke. This is my best way of setting up a bull dog choke, and it is a devastating choke when done right. Just like with the RNC, keep your hips pointing down as you lift high up on the hands and drop your shoulder behind their neck.

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