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Archive Monthly Archives: January 2018

When Guillotines Go Wrong – Match Review

As much I like Guillotine Chokes, they cannot be used all the time. In this match, both men try to Guillotine each other, but only one of them can prevail. A few critical errors were made by both that allowed multiple escapes, and ultimately cost one of them the match. A strong guillotine comes from […]

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What to do with a Guillotine Spaz?

We all have faced that person who just doesn’t know when to give up on the Guillotine Choke. They just hang on to your neck for dear life and despite all of your effort you cannot get them off. It can be really annoying! What if I told you that it can be more than […]

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Worried about getting tripped from a standing guillotine?

After a bunch of requests, I finally bring to you my new and improved video reviews! This review is from a match with my black beltĀ Jason SoaresĀ (Back Attack Series). I think he was a blue belt at the time of this video, but nevertheless he pulled off some sweet moves! The one that caught my […]

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Kimura Trap System Seminar Part 2 at Kings Academy of Martial Arts in Sydney, Australia – January 21st 3pm-6pm

  Sunday, January 21st, 2018 from 3-6pm Kings Academy of Martial Arts Unit 2/ 331 Newbridge Rd Moorebank, NSW 2170 Australia http://www.kingsacademy.com.au phone: (02) 9602 4183

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