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Archive Monthly Archives: June 2012

Free Leg Lock Webinar This Saturday at 2:30pm EST!

My brother and I made our rise to fame in the grappling world with three things: Wrestling Knee Through Guard Passing And LEG LOCKS! After each webinar I do live, I take a vote on the topic of the next webinar. The vote was unanimous – the people want leg locks, and they shall have […]

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I will be on Radio Tomorrow, Tune In!

Tomorrow at 8:30am EST I will be on Suck It Up! MMA radio for an interview. I will be talking about my MMA & Grappling career, upcoming competitions, plans and more! Check it out live by going to: http://www.suckitupusa.com/

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Taking it Back to the Old School…

A long time ago when I first started training MMA, I remember a friend once joked about a rival instructor, saying that this master had forgotten more techniques than we both know. It was funny at the time. The idea of forgetting techniques in a trade that you practice everyday seems absurd – or does […]

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