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    With over 120 hours of top notch instruction from BJJ Black belt and professional MMA fighters such as myself, Marcos Avellan, Jason Soares, and Robert Drysdale, you will be hard pressed to find this much awesome content for so little.
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    Terms like the "Kimura Trap" were started by yours truly. Many others have started to adopt the knowledge, but have left out many key details. With 13 courses being offered up in this super deal, you do not need to accept imitations when you can learn straight from the source.
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    I have always approached instructional course topics by teaching techniques that are not be taught elsewhere in a unique manner. The Kimura Trap System, the Back Trap System, and the Drysdale Cradle Series are just a few examples of courses that have a very different approach to the martial arts. Point being, most of what I show is not available elsewhere.
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    If you do not get it by then, you are out of luck. It doesn't leave that much time to wait, so read this now and get the deal!

Everything I Have Ever Released Online

13 Video Courses that will will help you get your MMA & BJJ game to the next level

Back Attack Series

Duration: 3h 07m

A comprehensive series of attacking the back focusing on using the Rear Naked Choke and many variations.

Retails at $67

Black Belt Psychology

Duration: 8h 57m

The most important course offered. Tools to develop your mind used by myself to maximize your potential.

Retails at $97

Back Trap System

Duration: 1h 29m

A different approach to back control that shuns using hooks and opts for a more wrestler style approach.

Retails at $35

Drysdale Cradle Series

Duration: 0h 59m

A unique blend of BJJ and Wrestling that will have you man handling your opponents and choking them out.

Retails at $35

Front Head Lock Series

Duration: 2h 36m

A series that will have you master the headlock and become effective with take downs and submissions.

Retails at $67

Guard Passing Made Easy

Duration: 4h 28m

An in-depth series of step-by-step guard passing that is friendly for all levels.

Retails at $97

Guillotine Choke Series

Duration: 3h 45m

The only submission that comes to us by instinct, yet very misunderstood. Become a master choker with this.

Retails at $67

Kimura Trap System

Duration: 11h 3m

A must have in everyone's arsenal. This made the term Kimura Trap world wide.

Retails at $197

MMA Mitts

Duration: 0h 31m

A great resource for MMA coaches to expand their mitt holding repertoire to get more out of their fighters. 

Retails at $25

MMA Pins

Duration: 0h 54m

A great course on using wrestling pins to maximize your ground and pound potential for MMA.

Retails at $25

Path to Mastery

Duration: 0h 50m

My step by step guide on how I developed mastery of the Kimura and how you can apply it to anything.

Retails at $10

Switch Series

Duration: 0h 56m

The classic wrestling reversal applied with MMA and BJJ in mind to get sweeps and submissions.

Retails at $25

Underhook Series

Duration: 1h 37m

My favorite clinch broken down so that everyone can become an expert using this powerful position.

Retails at $35

Why David Avellan?

I have been training in the martial arts for over 22 years and coaching for over 18 years. I have competed professional in BJJ and MMA, having taken a bronze medal at the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships in 2009. I have beat legends such as Alexandre "Xande" Ribeiro, Rafael Lovato Jr., and Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu. I have coached top athletes such as UFC champion Dominick Cruz, Bellator Champions Phil Davis and Michael Chandler, IBJJF World Champions Keenan Cornelius and DJ Jackson. ​

What makes my instruction work is that it is systematized in an easy to use fashion. I have taught these systems to thousands with great results. It is not uncommon to hear back from blue belts telling me they have tapped out black belts following my systems, and I know I can get those results for you too​.

“Believe and Achieve.”

What You Will Get With This Super Deal

13 Online Courses spanning over 36 hours. Easily stream these videos online with any your PC, MAC, mobile or tablet while on the go or at the gym.

Most courses include mind maps to help you make the proper connections between each technique. Some also come with eBooks and audio programs as well.

All courses include free online updates. Since our courses were originally released, we have added over 5 hours of additional video content with more planned.

What People Are Saying...


“In the days where many manufacturers of products, courses and systems try to rely on their personality, competition record and alignment with ‘superstars’ I appreciate a product that has quality content, an algorithmic approach to learning and is easy for the beginner to digest, the novice to understand and the expert to appreciate. I tell people all the time that being an Olympian doesn’t mean that I can beat everybody. What it means are a few things: One, I’ve been blessed to run into some tremendous people in my life who are smarter than me and two, I CHOOSE to listen and not refuse to accept good advice and wise counsel. If a product is complete and utter BS, I would tell you. And when it is good, I will also tell you that it is damn good.  Well, the Kimura Trap System is damn good! I’ve found it to be extremely helpful with my kids program in teaching them control and how to immobilize their opponents within my position over submission dojo culture. I’ve found it helpful in the proper way to implement the ude-garami and ude-gatami systems to my judo students. And I’ve found it super informative as a life long learner in the grappling arts who is always trying to improve as a teacher and instructor.  My days of competition are over. It is now my desire to learn as much as possible so that I can provide the best educational experience for my students and clients.  I can tell you right now that David Avellan’s Kimura Trap System has provided me with that opportunity. I love quality content and great instruction. And if that is something that you look for in a product and instructional series then you’ll love this.  I like watching things slowly and taking notes on the small points and intricate details and when I see someone who takes the time not only to do the move but to explain why it works and why it won’t work and what to do to recover so that is does work, I know that I’ve invested my money in the right place. I can’t tell you what to buy or what not to buy but I can’t tell you this. I invested in it and I HAVE IT! With that being said, David, thanks for putting out a great product.”

Rhadi Ferguson (2004 Judo Olympian and 4x National  JudoChampion)


"I love the Kimura Trap System...There's so much stuff. It's all in a system. You learn one thing and it leads into the next thing and the next thing. I found it really easy for me to remember the stuff because where ever I start in a position I remember what's before and what's after. I really like it...He has shown me so many different techniques for breaking the grip just by angle changes and doing what he called rev the engine, which I like."

Keenan Cornelius (IBJJF Black Belt World Champion, 2xADCC Silver Medalist)


“We were fortunate enough to have David Avellan do a seminar and just give us a little brief sample of the Kimura Trap. One of the coolest parts about the Kimura Trap is that its a system. As a BJJ black belt, sometimes we think we know everything, but we don’t. David is an innovator. He put together a system that after showing my students, even white belts, for one day with the Kimura Trap and they are hitting it in local tournaments. And guys simply don’t know how to defend against it. It has never been seen before. There is a counter to everything. Everything David has on there, if somebody tries to counter what you are doing, there is a counter to the counter.”

Brad Daddis (BJJ Black Belt Instructor)

Is This Right For You?

Your course is not for everybody, you can use this section to pre-select the customers that will get the best results.

Who is this for

  • You enjoy learning from a step-by-step approach
  • You appreciate unorthodox styles and hybrid mixed techniques consisting of wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Western Boxing and Muay Thai and staying on the cutting edge of the MMA world.
  • You like a laser focused approach to developing new skills and getting better faster. 
  • You enjoy working on a system as it keeps everything connected and makes it easier to sequence your attacks.
  • You want a wide selection of courses focusing on multiple facets of the MMA game, from take downs, submissions, guard passing, and striking.
  • You have been a fan of mine and enjoy my free content for some time but just haven't sprung to get a course yet. You have been crossing your fingers, waiting for an amazing deal to come by.

Who is this not for

  • You are adverse to investing time and money into yourself. Instead you spend a lot of time on YouTube and Google looking for certain techniques but not getting exactly what you are looking for.
  • You don't like being taught techniques in extensive details. You just want to see 100 techniques shown to you as quickly as possible with no explanation or pattern to them and move on to mastering something else. 
  • You cannot afford to get a $3 course or train at a MMA or BJJ gym, but you can make it rain in the club and spring for bottle service. So you are going to try and find a free version online and search the dark web, only to get your computer a nasty virus that ruins your life.
  • You already know everything there is to know about martial arts and cannot be taught. You only visited this page to scope out the competition and mock me amongst your red belt friends.
Super Boost Your MMA & BJJ Game

If after watching these courses for 3 days you find that you haven't learned anything and are not satisfied, I got you covered. Try this online course risk free for 3 days and if you do not learn anything from it, just send us a message and we'll refund your money.

Bonus, 1 Year Access to FFAcoach Curriculums

My academy, the Freestyle Fighting Academy, hosts our monthly MMA curriculums online for all to learn from. While most membership sites are built like encyclopedias with no structure on what to learn first, FFAcoach is built to give you step by step guidance. We have over 1500 videos spanning around 96 hours of instruction. From class footage, sparring, technique break downs, drills, and more being shown - and I'm going to give all that to you for free. That is an $120 value!

Over 1200 MMA Videos and growing

We are the only Video Membership site focusing on MMA. Our Video Library covers Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, BJJ, Judo, and how to blend them all together into becoming the ultimate MMA fighter. Our videos include class footage, sparring, drills, technique break downs, and fight videos too!


Curriculum Based Learning

Our site is focused on teaching based on our rotating monthly curriculum. Whether you are a total newbie, a blue belt, or an expert, we have curriculums designed for your level to help you learn in a natural progression. It is the closest way to training with me personally as I teach off this curriculum too.


Access to a private forum

Our members only forum allows you to ask questions and get feedback from me and my other instructors. You can also make requests to what you want to see next and have conversations with other members.

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Gold Deal (BEST VALUE)

  • Life time Access to 13 Courses with over 36 hours of video, mind maps, eBooks.
  • 1 Year Access To FFA Coach with over 84 hours and 1200 videos.
  • Online access to all content via desktop or mobiles.
  • Extra Bonus  - get first dibs on my next course and a 20% off coupon.
  • Super Extra Bonus - get a 50% off coupon for your next year of FFA Coach access (normally $120 so you save $60)

Only $299
Savings of 66%

Platinum Deal

  • DVD Editions of all courses
  • Life time Access to 13 Courses with over 36 hours of video, mind maps, eBooks.
  • 1 Year Access To FFA Coach with over 84 hours and 1200 videos.
  • Online access to all content via desktop or mobiles.
  • Extra Bonus  - get first dibs on my next course and a 20% off coupon.
  • Super Extra Bonus - get a 50% off coupon for your next year of FFA Coach access (normally $120 so you save $60)

Only $399
Savings of 62%


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