October 10, 2020

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Las Vegas BJJ Retreat #3: December 1st-7th

I’m announcing today that I will be hosting my next Las Vegas BJJ & MMA Retreat from December 1st to 7th. I just concluded my second camp here in Las Vegas this Monday, and it was a lot of fun.

Besides getting in about 17 hours of mat time, we got to enjoy a lot of great meals, massages, sauna sessions, ice baths and of course checking out the infamous Sin City Strip.

For the upcoming camp, we are going to cover my Guillotine Choke Series, Under Hook Series, Guard Passing Made Easy, and of course, sprinkle in the Kimura Trap System for good measure.

Like before, we are limiting the camp to 14 members (8 people in the house, 6 people staying off site). For the early registration, we will be putting up the first few spots for sale at 20%!

That’s a saving of $342, and you only need to make a 50% deposit to reserve your spot (remaining 50% paid 28 days later).

Sale ends soon, so make sure you visit BJJretreat.com to reserve or click below:

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