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Weird and Unconventional, the Reverse Kimura

The Reverse Kimura is an odd submission, and will definitely catch your opponents off guard. I mainly like using it for sweeps, but a few people asked me about how to finish from the guard with it so this is the bare bones version of it.

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The Easiest Submission Combo Ever – Kimura to Omo Plata

Earlier we did Switch to Omo Plata, and I have told you in the past that the Switch and the Kimura are close siblings…so of course you can do Kimura to Omo Plata! It is an embarrassingly easy transition best used when your opponent is grabbing their shorts or pants, allowing you to not worry […]

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They won’t see this coming – the Switch to Omo Plata

This is a simple combination that should definitely catch your opponent off guard. If you are stuck in a tight switch that you can’t finish, then turn the tables and slide into the omo plata. If you are slow to control their hips to prevent the rolling escape, then move into an arm bar or […]

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My Favorite Way To Control Mount

Controlling the mount with an over hook is a powerful way of immobilizing your opponent that will give you plenty of options for the finish. Whether you want to ground and pound him, use a Kimura, Omo Plata, Triangle Choke, Arm Bar, Arm Crusher, Ninja Choke, or Baseball Choke – you will have your enemy […]

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New Course Opens 2/10/17 – The Guillotine Choke Series

guillotine choke series

GuillotineChokes.com/throat-crusher – My new online course, the Guillotine Choke Series, is coming out Tuesday at 12pm EST. It has 48 techniques that span over 3 hours and 40 minutes. You will learn the different types of guillotines, positions, setups, finishes, transitions, take down counters, and much more. It is the same series I teach all […]

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Enter the Pit

the pit sweep

I have mentioned my affinity for the Flower Sweep before, and as a result I have discovered what I call the Pit. It is a position you get into after a failed Flower, that gives you more sweeps and submissions to attack from. It can also be entered from pretty much any open guard situation […]

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The Rolled Ankle Toe Hold

Everyone knows that feeling. You are running and have set a good pace. Your music is playing on your head phones and you are in the zone. All of the sudden… *SNAP, CRACKLE, POP* A misplaced stone, an unseen ditch, or just unlucky foot placement causes you to roll your ankle and now you are […]

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The Ugly Guillotine

This is probably the ugliest guillotine I have done in a match before. I’m embarrassed looking at it now, lol! Even though I won, there was a lot of things that I did wrong here. Watch the video below to get the play by play breakdown so you don’t repeat my mistakes. Also, make sure […]

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Details to get the Perfect Knee Bar

There are a lot of little details with the Knee Bar that many people miss out on. Each of these details makes a HUGE difference on the outcome, and to be a leg lock master you need to know each one of them. The Knee Bar is very similar to the Arm Bar. In fact, […]

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One Neat Trick To Finish Flower Sweeps

When it comes to closed guard sweeps, I am a big fan of the Flower Sweep. There are just so many things you can do from it that it makes it a strong attack series to begin with. Arm bars, triangle chokes, omo platas, leg locks, transition to the pit, and that is just getting […]

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