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When you can’t finish an Arm Bar, use the Kimura Bar

In my free time (usually before bed) I think about potential techniques in what I call DJJ – Dream Jiu Jitsu. 🙂 Sometimes they are total crap moves that only work in my head. But sometimes they turn out to be gold, and I believe this technique that I call the Kimura Bar to be […]

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I will be in Philadelphia from April 9-16th

My next trip is taking me to none other than the Always Sunny Philadelphia. 🙂 I am going to be in Philadelphia from April 9-16th, so anyone that is interested in hosting a seminar, attending a seminar, or scheduling private lessons, go ahead and use the button below to register. I will then keep you […]

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Kimura Madness Highlight

If you haven’t been watching my videos lately, you have been missing out on all sorts of strange Kimuras. Reverse Kimura, Sit Out Kimura, Double Reverse Kimura, the Kimura Bar, and a few more! This video is just a quick highlight giving you glimpse of the Kimura madness I have been teaching the past few […]

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Always Use Your Seat Belt Backwards

I’m not talking about when driving of course, but when using what is known as the “Seat Belt” in wrestling. The classic seat belt in wrestling is when both people are facing the same direction and one has an arm behind their waist, the other with an over hook (or whizzer). This is usually a […]

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Double Reverse Kimura from an Omo Plata

I think this is the last reverse Kimura I will show for a while, and it isn’t even a reverse Kimura. More like a double reverse, or inverse Kimura. I’m not sure anymore, lol! I picked this up watching American grappling legend Dean Lister, and it is a nice attack sequence that can give arm […]

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Weird and Unconventional, the Reverse Kimura

The Reverse Kimura is an odd submission, and will definitely catch your opponents off guard. I mainly like using it for sweeps, but a few people asked me about how to finish from the guard with it so this is the bare bones version of it.

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The Easiest Submission Combo Ever – Kimura to Omo Plata

Earlier we did Switch to Omo Plata, and I have told you in the past that the Switch and the Kimura are close siblings…so of course you can do Kimura to Omo Plata! It is an embarrassingly easy transition best used when your opponent is grabbing their shorts or pants, allowing you to not worry […]

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They won’t see this coming – the Switch to Omo Plata

This is a simple combination that should definitely catch your opponent off guard. If you are stuck in a tight switch that you can’t finish, then turn the tables and slide into the omo plata. If you are slow to control their hips to prevent the rolling escape, then move into an arm bar or […]

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My Favorite Way To Control Mount

Controlling the mount with an over hook is a powerful way of immobilizing your opponent that will give you plenty of options for the finish. Whether you want to ground and pound him, use a Kimura, Omo Plata, Triangle Choke, Arm Bar, Arm Crusher, Ninja Choke, or Baseball Choke – you will have your enemy […]

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New Course Opens 2/10/17 – The Guillotine Choke Series

guillotine choke series

GuillotineChokes.com/throat-crusher – My new online course, the Guillotine Choke Series, is coming out Tuesday at 12pm EST. It has 48 techniques that span over 3 hours and 40 minutes. You will learn the different types of guillotines, positions, setups, finishes, transitions, take down counters, and much more. It is the same series I teach all […]

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