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Trade Your Foot For Their Knee

Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little. In this case, when they go after you ankle you can let them have it as you attack their knee for a nasty Knee Compression Lock. This hold can be devastating, so once again practice caution. The key here is to make sure you “turn […]

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Sneaky Heel Hook Counter to the Achilles Hold

This next counter is a sneaky heel hook that will surprise the novice leg locker. Just be careful, as it is just as dangerous as a regular heel hook. Depending on your partners leg position, it can be either an inside or outside heel hook. Great for making people bail out on the ankle lock, […]

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Butt Scoot Your Way Out Of Ankle Locks

The next Achilles Hold escape I will be showing is the butt scoot escape. This is a good way of countering when the opponent falls over your ankle (sideways), and will get you out of danger and can get you into top side control. This escape also works great for heel hooks too.

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The Fastest Ankle Lock Escape

The next escape for the Achilles Hold is the Heel Twist. It is a simple escape that can be done quickly when the hold is first captured that will leave you on top position ready to counter.

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Achilles Hold Counters – Standing Up

The Achilles Hold or Straight Ankle Lock is one of the most basic leg locks that one can learn. That being the case, being well versed in all of it’s escapes and counters is a good idea. 🙂 So for the next few videos, I will be going over how to escape and counter the […]

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The Russian Shoulder Slam

This is another wrestling technique that is used often from the Russian 2-1 tie up. One of my team mates, Victor Raphael, used to smash a lot of shoulders back in high school with this move, even dislocated an opponent’s shoulder! So be cautious when using this move. I take it easy when demonstrating this, […]

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The Standing Reverse Kimura Throw

I learned this throw back from my wrestling days in high school under coach Tirso Valls. We used to set this up from a Russian 2-1 tie up, but it can also be combined with the standing arm lock for a sneaky combination. You do not need to be a good thrower to execute this […]

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Channel your inner Steven Seagal for this Wrist Lock

Warning: If you think wrist locks are cheap, this technique is NOT for you. I have no qualms about doing a wrist lock. I like using any weapon at my disposal, and wrist locks can be a great way of finishing an opponent who is distracted or unaware. This next technique is continuing off my […]

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Are Standing Submissions A Myth?

If this was an episode of MythBusters, I would say CONFIRMED. Yes, it is possible to do all sorts of standing arm, shoulder, and wrist locks that can be finished without hitting the mats. You will be surprised how simple they are, and how quickly you can get people to tap in a panic! However, […]

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I do NOT like the Rolling Kimura

In fact, I think it is bad technique. That is why I never taught it in my Kimura Trap System. Instead, I favor the Diving Kimura. It sounds similar, because it is. The main difference is that we are aiming for side control and using our hips to smash our opponents chest or face. Whereas […]

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