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Channel your inner Steven Seagal for this Wrist Lock

Warning: If you think wrist locks are cheap, this technique is NOT for you. I have no qualms about doing a wrist lock. I like using any weapon at my disposal, and wrist locks can be a great way of finishing an opponent who is distracted or unaware. This next technique is continuing off my […]

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Are Standing Submissions A Myth?

If this was an episode of MythBusters, I would say CONFIRMED. Yes, it is possible to do all sorts of standing arm, shoulder, and wrist locks that can be finished without hitting the mats. You will be surprised how simple they are, and how quickly you can get people to tap in a panic! However, […]

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I do NOT like the Rolling Kimura

In fact, I think it is bad technique. That is why I never taught it in my Kimura Trap System. Instead, I favor the Diving Kimura. It sounds similar, because it is. The main difference is that we are aiming for side control and using our hips to smash our opponents chest or face. Whereas […]

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The Merkle

You are not the only one that studies techniques online. 🙂 I too spend time online looking at techniques from all sorts of people. I believe it is important to keep yourself up to date with all the latest happenings, and see where improvements and innovations can be made. I had recently demonstrated a rolling knee […]

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The Reverse Triangle From The Kimura Trap

While I am not a big on going for triangle chokes, the reverse triangle is a powerful pinning position that lends itself to many submissions such as wrist locks, chokes, arm locks, and of course the Kimura. This setup from the Kimura Trap is probably the easiest way of setting up a reverse triangle that […]

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Tight Step Over Kimura

This is a basic finish for the Kimura, yet almost everyone I see does it wrong. In this video, you will get to see a lot of common mistakes people make when looking to finish this technique, and how to execute it perfectly. This clip was taken from my Kimura Trap System seminar at Maxercise […]

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The Most Efficient Kimura from Side Mount

The Kimura from top side mount is fundamental to any grappler. It is simple, risk-free, and powerful. What you are going to learn from this video is how to make it as efficient as possible. You will be surprised to see how little I need to move to get a tap out. This clip was […]

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Kimura Lock Down to Leg Locks

I am ashamed that I didn’t think of this myself, being that I have tapped out more people with leg locks than I can remember. Josh “Star-Lord” Leduc (http://www.sapateiroinvitational.com) put up a video showing this easy transition, so I had to put up my take on it and add it to the Kimura Trap System. […]

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The Rolling Knee Bar From The Back Trap

When your opponent is turtled, most of us are aware that they can roll for a knee bar if you place your leg in between theirs. But did you know you can roll for a knee bar if you are on top? Most people don’t – so these gives you an element of surprise. It […]

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What would you call this choke?

This is choke that I came across while messing around with my friend Spencer. This is still in an experimental phase, but I figured I would show it to you all and let you go to town on it. 🙂 It is setup from the top half guard, and looks like a cross between a […]

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