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Knee Cut Pass Deconstructed with Kit Dale

I have had the pleasure of working with the hilarious Kit Dale. Besides his great sense of humor, he is an excellent grappler with a unique approach to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and learning in general. In training with him, he brought out some things to conscious awareness that I was doing subconsciously. One of the […]

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Killing the Shoulder with Kit Dale

As some of you might know, I have my friend Kit Dale in Las Vegas with me preparing for the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships. We had some good training sessions together, and learned a lot from each other. Today, I took some time behind the camera to show you one of the things that I […]

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Robert Drysdale BJJ Cradle Series Webinar Replay

Click the button below to learn more and order Robert Drysdale’s Cradle Series DVD and Online Course. This is the webinar that has been edited for brevity. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Enjoy!

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Cradle from Side Control

If you find yourself stuck on top side control with nothing going on, the cradle might be the solution to your problems. I have been inspired as of late to use the cradle more often, as I have some new variations from Robert Drysdale on the cradle. So I have been exploring the concept more […]

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Smashing the Open Guard with the Cradle

* I apologize about the audio, will do a better job of keeping the noise down next time 🙂 * I am a big fan of using pins to advance positions, and there is no better place for pins than wrestling. It is the ultimate goal of wrestling, and they have centuries of experience. BJJ […]

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How To Do A No Gi Uchi Mata

I asked Mark Lajhner of MMAcoach.net to show us how to do an Uchi Mata in a No Gi environment. The Uchi Mata is a powerful judo throw, often used as a counter throw. Mark is the founder of Kaizen MMA in Belgrade, Serbia, and has an extensive martial arts background. He goes into great […]

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Trade Your Foot For Their Knee

Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little. In this case, when they go after you ankle you can let them have it as you attack their knee for a nasty Knee Compression Lock. This hold can be devastating, so once again practice caution. The key here is to make sure you “turn […]

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Sneaky Heel Hook Counter to the Achilles Hold

This next counter is a sneaky heel hook that will surprise the novice leg locker. Just be careful, as it is just as dangerous as a regular heel hook. Depending on your partners leg position, it can be either an inside or outside heel hook. Great for making people bail out on the ankle lock, […]

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Butt Scoot Your Way Out Of Ankle Locks

The next Achilles Hold escape I will be showing is the butt scoot escape. This is a good way of countering when the opponent falls over your ankle (sideways), and will get you out of danger and can get you into top side control. This escape also works great for heel hooks too.

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The Fastest Ankle Lock Escape

The next escape for the Achilles Hold is the Heel Twist. It is a simple escape that can be done quickly when the hold is first captured that will leave you on top position ready to counter.

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