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How to get a good training session by yourself

I apologize for the framing of this video, as I originally was filming this just for myself and didn’t think too carefully about camera placement. But it still does a great job of conveying the message I wanted to get out. I have people who message me all the time asking me for help on […]

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Discovery of the Reverse Kimura Trap

Continuing from my last post, let me give you a real world example of how discovery can take place – using the Reverse Kimura Trap. I have known about using the Reverse Kimura from guard to a Flower sweep for over a decade. I had used it from time to time, but never thought about […]

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The key to discovering new techniques

There are two ways you can make a discovery: by logical deduction, or by chance. Think of an explorer. He may have spent years researching a particular civilization and figured out that a certain artifact would be in a particular region. He then travels there and finds it based on his calculations. Now think of […]

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Enter the Pit

the pit sweep

I have mentioned my affinity for the Flower Sweep before, and as a result I have discovered what I call the Pit. It is a position you get into after a failed Flower, that gives you more sweeps and submissions to attack from. It can also be entered from pretty much any open guard situation […]

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A Bucket List Item I Can Scratch Off My List

Since I started diving about 2 years ago, I have been wanting to see a whale shark. Sharing the water with a giant beast of up to 30 feet would be something to remember. I have tried several times when I went diving in Belize and Bali, but lady luck wasn’t feeling giving on those […]

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How I Nearly Drowned in the Galapagos 90 Feet in the Ocean

The water was very cold for a guy from Miami, at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. My breathing was deep and slow, which was all that I could hear. After swimming around for a few minutes, I felt the ocean floor once again. I could feel the current moving around me and making it very hard to […]

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Best Throws Highlight Reel!

The most exciting moment in a wrestling match is when an opponent is going airborne from a big throw. You don’t have to know anything about wrestling or fighting to appreciate the beauty of a perfectly timed throw. The bigger the throw, the bigger the risk because big throws usually require the thrower to “throw” […]

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My thoughts on EBI’s open hand striking

If you haven’t heard of EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational), it is one of the more popular invitational professional grappling tournaments out today. It is a submission only grappling tournament with regulation period where only submission ends the match. Afterwards, there is a series of sudden death periods where players start in dominant positions: back mount […]

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Are you getting worse over time?

Every so often we will get served a slice of humble pie. Sometimes the whole pie. 🙁 I know when I was a senior in high school with aspirations for a state championship, I was wrestling my former team captain that graduated the year before. He came as a favor to give me a hard […]

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Crazy Fight Shows the Flaw In Submission Only

This is such a crazy fight. I don’t think I have ever seen so many submission attempts in one round of MMA. Makes me think it was staged, but the amount of crank on the submissions was just brutal – especially the knee bar. Hurts just looking at it! This opponent (in long shorts) appears […]

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